Mar 2, 2012

We will kindle the fire

As I mentioned on Monday, my organization had it's yearly retreat at the National Conservation Training Center last week.  We had a bonfire Thursday night, with s'mores and a game of Whisper Down the Lane. That game is hilarious as it is, but when a bunch of adults play it while drinking... sometimes it got a tad inappropriate.

I got some great photos of the fire - check it out! 

dancers in the flames
Dancers in the flames.  And marshmallows!

Face in the fire
Do you see the face?
Shapes in the fire
I see a firebird, a face, and a dancing lady.  What do you see?

Lots of colors in the campfire

Next week is the 2012 Sacred Space Conference - I'm so excited!  The first (and only) time I went, I had such a wonderful, empowering experience.  Much of what I learned and experienced that weekend sparked my truly coming into my own and finding my voice as a witch.  The conference hotel is only 15 minutes away from my house, so it's going to be super easy to attend, without the cost and hastle of staying in a hotel.  I'll try to post at least a couple of times during the course of the 4-day conference to keep you all updated on all the amazing happenings at the conference.  If you have the chance to attend , I definitely encourage you to go - and be sure to stop and say hello if you see me! :)

Have a lovely Friday!


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