Feb 27, 2015

Asking the Wrong Questions?

In case you missed it circulating around social media earlier this week, Jason Thomas Pitzl wrote an excellent manifesto for the modern Neopagan community called Witchcraft Today - Witchcraft Tomorrow.  He wrote it for PantheaCon and then shared it on his website afterwards.  This work is truly glorious and resonates with Power.  I highly recommend all Witches read it!

As I read it, and in the days since, things in my head have started to click into place.  For years now - ever since I was forced to leave my former coven, and possibly even since before then - I've felt lost and stuck and unsure of my spiritual path, of my place in the world as a Witch and what I'm "meant" to do.  I've kept asking, "What is my true path?" but finding no real answers.

And I've been hiding in my uncertainty.

Mr. Nobody - As long as you don't choose, everything remains possible

I think I've been asking the wrong questions.  And I've been seeking the wrong answers.

Mr. Nobody - Every path is the right path.  Everything could've been anything else.  And it would have just as much meaning.

I need to find the right questions.  I'm going to start with questions like "How can I best serve my gods?" and "How can I best feed my spirit?"  And also, "What should I actually do with my magick?"  I will ask these questions of my gods and guardians, and of myself, and perhaps to others. I wonder what answers I will find - and what other questions, too.

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