Feb 18, 2013

Monday Music Break: Cimmerian

Happy Monday, folks!  I need to make this quick today because I seem to have injured my back in a most ridiculous manner and it hurts less when I'm lying down.  (Seriously, I turned in the car to see if the lane next to me was open so I could merge, and I pulled something badly.  RIDIC.  I must be getting older.) 

The Machine in the Garden
Image from tmitg.bandcamp.com

Today's song is "Cimmerian" by the Machine in the Garden.  I first heard this song on A Darker Shade of Pagan a month or two ago and instantly loved the beat.  There's a lot of power in that beat.

Feb 13, 2013

I won the PPBH Brilliant Blogger Award!

You guys, I'm so excited!  I got a message a couple of days ago from Kourtney over at the Pagan Pages Blog Hop telling me that I am the January winner of the Brilliant Blogger Award!!

Pagan Pages Blog Hop - Brilliant Blogger Award

Each month's winner of the award (you only get to win once) has the most number of qualified links posted in that month's link ups.  You also have to have the PPBH button displayed in your sidebar and be a follower of the PPBH blog.

To help other bloggers get to know me better and learn a little about my blog, Kourtney asked me a few questions about myself and my blogging habits.  You can go check out my answers over at the PPBH blog.

Feb 11, 2013

Monday Music Break: Creature of the Wood

Today's Monday Music Break features "Gypsy celtic folk rock for naughty punk faeries" - otherwise known as S.J. Tucker's side project, Tricky Pixie.  Tricky Pixie is a fusion of some of today's Celtic folk rock superstars - combined with the delightful vocal and guitar stylings of S.J. Tucker are the awesome talents of stealth cellist Betsy Tinney and faerie tale minstrel Alexander James Adams

 S.J. Tucker - Tricky Pixie      Betsy Tinney - Tricky Pixie      Alexander James Adams - Tricky Pixie
Members of Tricky Pixie, from left: S.J. Tucker, Betsy Tinney, and Alexander James Adams.  Photos from trickypixie.com.

I have had their song "Creature of the Wood" running through my head since Saturday night because of a certain delightful satyr in my life.  He had never heard it before.  I had so much fun seeing his reaction when I played it for him on Saturday night :) 

Feb 5, 2013

Totally Awesome Blog Hop

I just entered my link into this months' Totally Awesome Blog Hop over on ChantillySongs.  This is a great hop with lots of participants that into things like music, vintage clothes, and crafting.  It's a good way to get your blog seen, and to find out about other blogs you might not have read before.

ChantillySongs - Totally Awesome Blog Hop

Go check it out, follow the 4 hosts, and enter your link! And then check out other bloggers when you're done. February's hop is open until the 25th.

Feb 4, 2013

Monday Music Break: Imbolc Fire

Happy February!  Since Imbolc was just over the weekend, I wanted to share something Imbolc-related with you all.

So what luck, a few days ago I heard about Imbolc Fire, a pagan folk rock studio project of Irene Jericho, Chris Kackley and Jay Jericho from Cassandra Syndrome.  A band with super-talented musicians from the DC region, who also have Imbolc in their band name - perfect!

Imbolc Fire - Irene Jericho, Jay Jericho, and Chris Kackley
Image from imbolcfire.bandcamp.com

Their bandcamp page describes Imbolc Fire as such: "The project channels earthy spirituality and mysticism into acoustic, hand-percussion driven musical journeys. Spanning from jubilant to deeply introspective, this group offers the listener a moving tapestry of sonic experiences."

I decided to share all 5 songs from their debut EP, "Drum and Chalice," because... well, because why not?  It's great music and deserves to be heard!

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