Feb 11, 2013

Monday Music Break: Creature of the Wood

Today's Monday Music Break features "Gypsy celtic folk rock for naughty punk faeries" - otherwise known as S.J. Tucker's side project, Tricky Pixie.  Tricky Pixie is a fusion of some of today's Celtic folk rock superstars - combined with the delightful vocal and guitar stylings of S.J. Tucker are the awesome talents of stealth cellist Betsy Tinney and faerie tale minstrel Alexander James Adams

 S.J. Tucker - Tricky Pixie      Betsy Tinney - Tricky Pixie      Alexander James Adams - Tricky Pixie
Members of Tricky Pixie, from left: S.J. Tucker, Betsy Tinney, and Alexander James Adams.  Photos from trickypixie.com.

I have had their song "Creature of the Wood" running through my head since Saturday night because of a certain delightful satyr in my life.  He had never heard it before.  I had so much fun seeing his reaction when I played it for him on Saturday night :) 


  1. It is quite a song. Thanks for listening!

  2. I know, Betsy's stealth cello comes through so gorgeously in this. Thanks for listening!


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