Jun 21, 2015

Happy Mail from Uncustomary Art

Happy Mail from Uncustomary

Happy Summer Solstice, friends!  I am spending my Solstice by enjoying a quiet day at home, mostly cleaning and watching Netflix.

I'm also taking time today to spruce up my altars - with all the strong solar energy, it seemed like a good time to refresh things.  My altar cloths are in the washing machine now, and later I'm going to dust all my tools and set up my main altar and my ancestor altar for the second half of the year.

So a few days ago I got a fun "Happy Mail" package in the mail from my fellow blogger Mary over at Uncustomary Art.  The package was so much fun to open.  First of all, can we talk about the amazing glittery tape she used to seal the envelope?  I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.  (Seriously, where can I buy some? :)

Happy Mail - glittery tape!

Inside I found all of these wonderful things.  Some of them, like that scrap of gold foil and the heart stickers, are definitely going to be used in my Book of Lore & Craft.  I'm not entirely sure what the dinosaur thing is - some kind of kid's game, I guess? - but the brontosaurus illustration is adorable nonetheless.

Happy Mail from Uncustomary

Happy Mail from Uncustomary

The silver foil sticker that says "You are beautiful" is my favorite item in the package.

Happy Mail - You are beautiful sticker

Inside the package was... another package!  This mystery item was wrapped in some lovely rainbow stripe wrapping paper.

Happy Mail - mystery item in rainbow wrapping paper

What I found when I opened delighted me - a small mirror, adorned with a sticker that says "You are beautiful."  So fun!  (By the way, it's really hard to take photos of yourself in a tiny mirror!  I couldn't seem to keep the camera from obstructing my face - oh well :)

Happy Mail - You are beautiful mirror

Thanks again to Mary for sending me this delightful Happy Mail!!  

If you liked seeing all the fun things she sent me, you will probably enjoy reading her blog - I encourage you all to hop on over and give her a follow.  And while you're at it, why not give her page a like on Facebook - she's hoping to get 2,000 followers for her birthday, let's help this birthday wish come true! :)
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