Feb 4, 2013

Monday Music Break: Imbolc Fire

Happy February!  Since Imbolc was just over the weekend, I wanted to share something Imbolc-related with you all.

So what luck, a few days ago I heard about Imbolc Fire, a pagan folk rock studio project of Irene Jericho, Chris Kackley and Jay Jericho from Cassandra Syndrome.  A band with super-talented musicians from the DC region, who also have Imbolc in their band name - perfect!

Imbolc Fire - Irene Jericho, Jay Jericho, and Chris Kackley
Image from imbolcfire.bandcamp.com

Their bandcamp page describes Imbolc Fire as such: "The project channels earthy spirituality and mysticism into acoustic, hand-percussion driven musical journeys. Spanning from jubilant to deeply introspective, this group offers the listener a moving tapestry of sonic experiences."

I decided to share all 5 songs from their debut EP, "Drum and Chalice," because... well, because why not?  It's great music and deserves to be heard!

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