Mar 11, 2012

Le poisson, le poisson, how I LOVE le poisson!

This was an actual conversation between Jack and I earlier this evening, after I was rather passionately explaining my feelings on the gender duality in Wicca:

Me:  What?  I feel very passionate about this topic.
Jack:  You feel like a fish?
Me:  Um... what??
Jack:  I'm sorry.  Every time I hear the word "passion" I think of "poisson," the French word for fish.
Me:  And here I just think of passion fruit.

Every time I hear the word "poisson" I think of The Little Mermaid.

...And now every time you think of the word passion, you'll think of fish, and then you'll start singing "Les Poissons."  You're welcome.

He denies the similarity, but sometimes I swear it's like Jack and I are channeling The Bloggess and her husband Victor.  And of course because we're both a bit weird (okay, really weird), we take turns being the one talking about bizarre things like the Unicorn Success Club or giant metal chickens.


Today was the last day of Sacred Space.  The classes I attended yesterday were not all that life-altering, but they were interesting and thought-provoking.  Lyratah Barrett's class on the Authentic Self gave me some ideas for finding a path - mundanely and spiritually - that holds true to who I authentically am. There was also a side discussion in this class about whether pain is something a soul chooses to experience as part of their human experience.  I don't think I can accept that, but Lyratah did say to me that because fibromyalgia is an oversensitivity of the nervous system, that oversensitivity might be present in other areas (emotional, stress, etc.) and trigger the fibro.  I could accept that a soul would choose to be in a highly sensitive body, or that the soul's level of development in a current incarnation could lead to that oversensitivity.

faerieDebbie Chapnick led a fascinating series of journeys to meet the fae, and in one I was met by a fae named "Grelznik" who had a very stylized appearance to him (her?) - big, long, bushy white hair and a VERY long nose like an elephant's trunk.  I got the impression that he was Germanic, and was probably messing with me in a good-natured way in terms of the appearance and name.  In the other journey, the fae borrowed from my personal pop culture references and appeared mostly as creatures from Mononoke-hime.

I was going to stay for the party later that evening, but I was severely exhausted from the Conjure Dance the previous evening and a poor night's sleep, so I headed home for a nap.  When I woke up I decided I really wasn't feeling very social, so I opted instead to snuggle with Jack for the rest of the night.  Turns out that was exactly what I needed!

This morning, I set my alarm for 8:15, but for some strange reason it decided it was smarter than me and changed the alarm time to 9:15 because of daylight savings time.  Grrr, I say.  So I missed the morning class due to oversleeping, again.  I got to attend Katrina Messenger's class on Time, Eternity, and the Elements, and the closing ritual.  Katrina's class was exactly the kind of class I needed this weekend, and was a stimulating end to the conference - it had both science and spirituality, good discussion, and a few mind-blowing revelations about the nature of time.

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