Mar 26, 2012

Monday Music Break: Goodbye to Pisces

On Saturday morning I was released from my coven.  It was bittersweet - I'm sad that it had to end to end the way it did, and to no longer be circling with my coven mates.  However, my attitudes and beliefs no longer fit in with the dynamic that leadership in the tradition were pushing for amongst its members, so in the long run it was for the best.

The coven is part of the Circle of Pisces in this tradition.  So today I present to you Tori Amos' song "Goodbye to Pisces."  It seems rather fitting, if a bit tongue-in-cheek.

There are speculations that Tori Amos is pagan, but if she is, she's not saying.  Regarding her belief in god(s), she's been quoted as saying, "I believe they all exist in the pantheon, all part of the Divine Spirit. And I respect the faith of other people."

Being disconnected from the group mind of my coven after being part of it for 6 years has left me feeling a bit discombobulated.  I know I need to time to regroup and learn how to be a solitary again.  At the same time, I feel lighter and finally free to pursue my spiritual path in my own terms, at my own pace.  It's going to be fabulous.

happy fluffy running puppies.  Awww.


  1. I'm not Pagan so I cant quite relate to being released from a coven. But it sounds like you had a good attitude about it. Finding a little humor with your tongue in cheek choice of the song and seeing it as an opportunity to stand on your own again.

  2. Given that there was a lot of negativity revolving around my leaving the coven, it's definitely been for the best to try to see it as a growth opportunity, and have a few giggles along the way :)


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