Feb 3, 2012

Magickal birdy jewelry

I just snatched up a couple of really beautiful pieces of jewelry from my friend Jenn's Etsy shop!  I saw these two pieces and got a very strong push from my patroness, Rhiannon, to buy her birdy jewelry.

Although Rhiannon is often associated with horses (especially white horses), she is also associated with birds - more specifically, her 3 birds (the Adar Rhiannon).  It is said that their song can wake the dead and lull the living to sleep.  In the Mabinogian, the Adar Rhiannon sing to the 7 Welsh warriors who survived the war with the Irish (and Bran's head, who is still able to talk to the warriors) while they feast for 7 years at Harlech.

"The Birds of Rhiannon" by Johanna Pieterman.  Used in accordance with the principles of fair use.

Given my long-time affinity for birding, I tend to connect more with the bird imagery than with horses.  When I visualize Rhiannon's birds, I often picture 3 songbirds in red, blue, and yellow circling around her head, or flying about nearby in a somewhat triangular formation.  Rhiannon also has a very "silvery" vibe for me, much like the image above.

Lovebirds necklace by justatouchofmagick
"Lovebirds" necklaces from www.etsy.com/justatouchofmagick
Isn't this darling?  I can't wait to wear it in ritual.  I'm even kind of getting a push to dedicate this necklace to Rhiannon... we'll see once I have it in hand.

Nevermore earrings by justatouchofmagick
"Nevermore" earrings from www.etsy.com/justatouchofmagick
Raven earrings with crystals and stars - they're cute and dark all at once..  I don't work with the Morrigan, but these definitely have her vibe, too.  I think there's also some blendy-ness of Rhiannon's darker aspects and the Morrigan, as seen in the alternate spelling MorRhiogan.  If I get them in the mail in time for our Imbolc ritual, I can wear them to honor the passing of the torch, as it were, from the Morrigan to Brighid for the warmer half of the year.  The Secret Life of the American Working Witch talks more about this balance between Brighid and the Morrigan in her latest blog entry.

Do you have any sacred jewelry dedicated to a god or goddess?

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