Jan 24, 2012

Where's my hipster glasses?

I've noticed a trend in a number of personal style blogs lately - wearing heels and pants that are slightly too short, leaving your ankles showing.  Someone explain to me how flooders suddenly became cool?  Not only do they make you look dorky, they make you look shorter.  Maybe this is the goal - tall girls want to look like a short dork.

Wait, I already am a short dork.  I was trendy before it was trendy.  Aw yeah.  Now if I could just find my hipster glasses...

Hipster Ariel

Anyway, Renee from Another Pagan Blog has been posting v-logs lately.  I really liked her video (below) about her new altar table, which she re-tiled the top of.  I rather like hearing about other people's altars - it's a nice way of finding out a little more about them and how they approach their practice.  You may remember that a while back I posted pictures of my altar.  I think I may come back and talk more about individual things on my altar, like my favorite item (my chalice) or my most used item (my wand).

How do you set up your altar?  Do you have a favorite item on your altar, or something on your altar you use frequently?

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