Jan 22, 2012

Snow, and a spectacular Ravens failure

Damn. The Ravens lost to the Patriots today. I was really rooting for my boy Joe Flacco, who went to my alma mater (University of Delaware). They were so close...I can't even believe the kicker blew that last field goal. OMGWTFBBQ.

My friend Dakota and I have decided that if the Giants go to the Superbowl too, we are rioting. BURNINATE THE COUNTRYSIDE.

(For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, watch this and giggle. And those of you who do, watch this and giggle and enjoy the throwback to Homestar Runner :)

Anyway, football aside, it snowed yesterday. Well, to be more precise, it snowed, and then we got lots of freezing rain.

snowy swan planter
This sad little stone swan planter came with the house we're renting.  The sedum growing in it is actually very pretty in the summer.

snowy shrub

snowy buds

Last night for the dark moon, I meditated some on the energy of the dark moon and the quiet of a land covered in snow.  It was very peaceful and helped re-energize me after a long, tiring week at work.  Then I got out one of my tarot decks and pulled out the 7 of cups.  Yes, this is the same card I pulled 2 months ago during  a full moon.  I'm still mulling that one over.  I tried asking for more information about that in my dreams, but instead I had a baffling series of dreams about bar fights, a Mexican restaurant called Lupy's (a figment of my imagination who name I remember very clearly), and wolves.  I have no idea.


  1. Yup, that's how my dreams usually go too! Thank you for the pics of the snow. I used to live in Colorado, not just Colorado but in the mountains Colorado, so I have plenty of experience with the white stuff. I'm plenty happy not having to deal with the shoveling and fire building and the wreckless driving. But occasionally I still wish I had the chance to sit on the couch with a cup of tea under a comfy blanket and watch it through the window. Warm from that fire I just finished starting in the fireplace!

    Thank you for linking up to PPBH!


  2. As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan I am ALWAYS happy to hear of a Ravens loss! lol I am here from #FlashbackFriday with Chasing Joy!

  3. Haha I guess you weren't too happy about the Superbowl last year then, eh? :) Thanks for stopping by!


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