Jan 23, 2012

Whaddya want?

Hey there cats and kittens!

As part of my effort to make my blog more awesome and increase readership, I'd like to find out what sorts of folks are reading my blog, and what sorts of things you would like to see me post about.

Right now I have 1 whole follower (hi Tanya!) and an average of only a few hits per day.  Although I don't expect to ever get thousands of daily hits like some of the popular fashion and lifestyle blogs I'm mildly obsessed with I like to read, a little more discussion on the posts I work so hard on would make my day :)

If you read via other means (an RSS reader, etc.) I'd love it if you left me a comment to let me know.  And please tell me, what do you want to see more of/less of?

Blog hops?  Book reviews?  Information on magickal techniques?  Deep introspective posts about my struggles with depression and anxiety?  Reflections on my spiritual work?  A link wrap-up?

Pictures of mushrooms?
lawn mushrooms
Mushroom, mushroom!

This inquiring mind wants to know!

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