Jan 21, 2012

Follow Friday #4: Pop culture imagery in spiritual work

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The Domestic Pagan is having another "Follow my blog Friday!"  I'm a bit late jumping on the bandwagon, seeing as it's now Saturday, but this topic interested me enough to participate anyway.

FF#4 Question: Have you ever used a fictional character as a archetype or patron goddess?

The short answer is no, I haven't used a fictional character in my spiritual work.  I would find it hard to work with them on the astral, since I would always *know* the character isn't real - even if the image is just used to represent a god/dess.  

I have used pop culture imagery in my spiritual work, though.  Or in some cases, a god/dess has used some of the imagery from tv/movies/music that is stored away in my brain, and used it to show me something important.  It's often sci-fi/fantasy imagery, since that tends to have more overlap with my astral work than, say, America's Next Top Model.  I figure it's their way of using imagery I'm familiar with and will easily understand the meaning of, despite where it came from.

Take for instance last night.  I was meditating with Gwynn Ap Nudd, and suddenly in front of us a stargate appeared, complete with an event horizon.  We traveled through the stargate (I even heard the sound they use on TV for that) and emerged in another place, so that I could meet a particular goddess face-to-face.  When I saw the stargate I thought to myself, "Ah, I see what he's doing here by using this stargate imagery.  I'll just go with it and see what happens."  

And it turned out rather well, I must say - I finally met the Lady of Reflections face-to-face.  She showed me her appearance to help me figure out who she is.  She was wearing a veil over her head and across her face, and had a string of jewels running down the center of her face.  The primary colors were white, red, and gold.  She was also carrying a large flute.  To me she is the goddess of light reflecting (like the light of the moon reflecting on the surface of water), and comes across as somewhat of a love goddess.  Has anyone ever worked with a goddess like this?

This image by Domino Visual Art (whose work is absolutely gorgeous) reminds me a lot of how she appeared to me last night:

The Lion's Mane by dominovisualart.wordpress.com.  Used according to the principles of fair use.
The Lion's Mane by dominovisualart.wordpress.com.  Used according to the principles of fair use.
I'm wondering if she is an aspect of Kali / the Cailleach According to various interpretations,“caillech” meant either an old woman, or a hag, or a nun, or a “veiled one”. This last apparently referred to the Goddess’s most mysterious manifestation as the future, Fate, and Death--ever veiled from the sight of men, since no man could know the manner of his own death.   

Perhaps she is Parvati, the maiden aspect of Kali: She lifts Her veil to reveal Her beauty, shining like the Sun rising over the mountain of Anapurna.


I've been trying to figure out who she is for 2 years.  I have been looking online all day, but I am still left pondering for now.


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