Jan 12, 2012

Pagan Pages Blog Hop

I heard about a new trend in blogging called blog hopping. In essence, someone hosts a blog hop, collects links from other bloggers, and then distributes a code to participants to share on their own blog to show the links.

A quick search for "blog hop" and "pagan" brought me to the Pagan Pages Blog Hop.

Pagan Pages Blog Hop logo

I just submitted my blog to the New to PPBH category. I haven't figured out where to get the code for this blog hop yet, so go on over and check out the other links.

And if you know of any other blog hops you think I should participate in, please let me know!


  1. The Pagan Pages Blog Hop is not like an ordinary hop. There isn't a code that you pass along, but sharing the link is wonderful! At PPBH we link up individual posts all month long in the different categories. So hypothetically, each post you write every month can be linked up to PPBH under a topic specific category. The more links the more traffic to your blog.

    The reason we have the topic specific categories is so that you can hop around to the links that interest you most, or say... you're looking for something specific to Imbolc you can look under the Sabbat tab. At the end of the month the linky lists are closed and we start all over the next month. The blogger with the most links wins the Brilliant Blogger Award and gets a feature on our home page!

    I hope this all made sense... I'm so happy to have you as part of the PPBH family!


    1. Excellent, thanks for the clarification!


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