Feb 6, 2012

Monday Music Break - Inaugural Edition

I'm introducing a new weekly feature - the Monday music break!

Music is almost certainly the biggest part of my magickal repertoire.  Music speaks to my soul, and often I feel that a song can say what I cannot with simple words.  I am inspired by all types of music, from classical to pagan folk artists to metal.  I also write chants for ritual as part of my Great Work.

Admittedly this isn't an entirely original idea, as I've seen other blogs with similar features, like The Hathor Legacy's Thursday Interruption feature.  I haven't seen any blogs doing this with pagan music, though.  So in keeping with the pagany theme of my blog I'll probably be sharing music by pagan artists most of the time, but really I just want to share music that is currently moving and inspiring me.

The first is a chant by T. Thorn Coyle and Sharon Knight, that has been running in and out of my head all winter.  I wonder if Hecate has something to say to me?

And since it's the inaugural Monday music break, you get bonus music!  In fact you get 4 songs by the Alabama Shakes.  I heard the Alabama Shakes on WXPN's most recent World Cafe podcast and was absolutely taken by their powerful, soulful music.  Oh blues music, it's like you're speaking my heart.


  1. Lovely feature! I'll be stopping back frequently! Thank you for linking it up to PPBH!

  2. Thanks! I hope you liked the music I posted.


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