Feb 20, 2012

Monday Music Break: Android Lust

I've been in a very dark place this past week, thanks to a dispute with my coven leadership that quickly spiraled out of control. Between the ongoing anxiety attack and the severe depression that's been lacing my days, I haven't done much besides hole up with Grey's Anatomy and Angel on Netflix streaming, cry, and hug my boyfriend a lot. Oh, and there's been chocolate too. Chocolate is a key ingredient in self care.

Maybe what I really need for these sorts of days is another plushie to squoosh.  A plush Pintsize or Winslow would be super cute, and I have to admit the uber-happy expressions might cheer me up. (If you don't know who Pintsize and Winslow are, go check out Questionable Content!  This comic is made of sheer awesomesauce.)

Plush Pintsize and Winslow
Source: Questionable Content shop

I did finally feel calm and clear-headed enough last night to draft a letter to leadership about the matter.  I decided to sleep on it and give it a look with fresh eyes tonight to make sure I'm saying what I need to and not saying anything rash or accusatory.

Today's Monday Music Break is inspired by all of the Projekt samplers I've been listening to lately.  Android Lust is featured on several of them, and now I'm kind of in love with their music. A little goth, a little electronica, a little industrial, lots of awesome.

You can listen to more of their music here: http://music.androidlust.com/

What music is inspiring you lately?

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