Feb 7, 2012

The never-ending puppy cross-stitch project

How did you all like my Monday Music Break?  I didn't receive any comments, but hopefully I got a few of you dancing or turned on to new music :)

I'm almost done with my puppy cross-stitch project!  Finally.  All I've got left is finishing the little saying at the bottom, "never underestimate the power of a nap."

I worked a good deal on it while watching the Superbowl on Sunday with my boyfriend and roommate.   Like you do.  What can I say, my life is full of weird things that don't seem to go together, but work great for me.

Then last night I finished all the outline back stitching, and started on the words.  Right now it says "underesti" because I ran out of red thread, and my hands started to hurt from holding that tiny hoop for several hours.  And then I'll add all the double French knots that go on the ends of the letters, and be done!  

Of course, those double french knots will probably be the death of me.  I spent a half hour last night trying to remember how to do one, and even with the little illustration on the back of the pattern, I couldn't get it right.  Argh.

Seriously, I just don't get this.  Maybe I can find a helpful video later...

In other news, I recently joined Pinterest, in case anyone is interested in following any of my boards on there.  Right now I'm using the site mostly as inspiration boards for my blog, personal style, and such.  Oh, and I'm also pinning Doctor Who things just for fun.  Of course :)

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