Sep 3, 2012

Monday Music Break: Ogre Dance

Happy Labor Day!  I sure have been laboring all weekend long, trying to finish packing, clean up the old house, and finish moving.  We're...not quite done yet, but almost there.  Our landlord has been very generous in giving us until tomorrow to clear out, since the new tenants aren't moving in until next weekend.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think I'm getting too old for this moving nonsense!  Next time I'm going to spend the extra money and spare myself the exhaustion by hiring a moving company.  Maybe something that would make me giggle (and maybe provide a little eye candy?) like this moving company I spotted behind my office a few weeks ago:

College Hunks Moving

Anyway, on to the music break!  I need something lighthearted and fun.  How about the "Ogre Dance" by Frenchy and the Punk?  You may also know this group by their former name, the Gypsy Nomads.  I've seen them perform a number of times at pagan gatherings around the Mid-Atlantic region, including assorted Pagan Pride Days the now-defunct Pagan Band Jam.

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