Aug 20, 2012

Monday Music Break: Sound of the River

Happy Monday!  I've decided that I need bunny therapy today.  Well, I don't have access to actual bunnies, so I'll have to settle for virtual bunnies, and I'd like to share the love with you.  Here, have a pile of baby bunnies.  Was that a squee I heard?  Of course it was, it's a sea of baby bunnies!!  I feel better already.

a sea of baby bunnies!
Today's music break is Tina Malia's "Sound of the River."  I put on the Keep Music Pagan channel on YouTube and this song really vibed with me tonight.  I must still be really in tune with water from my time down the shore.  Even if it mostly a disaster, I did do some kick-ass magick before I left, and I think I'm still grooving off of that.

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  1. I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Check it out here:


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