Aug 1, 2012

For You (Lammas Song)

Hey Folks!  As promised, here is my Lammas chant, called "For You (Lammas Song)."  Please enjoy!  As usual, let me know what you think or if you have any problems with the player.

a very red sunset for Lammas


This is your Lammas song
For those of you who danced for the sun
For those of you who sang in its warmth
For you who reveled in its light and its heat
For you I sing this Lammas song

Gather your community,
your family, friends, and loved ones
Pass the basket and the chalice
and savor the last days of the summer

Watch the Lughnasadh sun pass over,
its blessings of the harvest
a reminder of the winter to come

So for you who love the summer,
I sing this Lammas song.

I know, it's kind of a sad, mournful song.  You should go cheer yourself up by going back to this week's Monday Music Break about Lammas and llamas.

You are free to share my post and use my chants in ritual - and I would love to know that you do!  But please do not reproduce them in any way without permission.

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