Jun 16, 2012

Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte
Source: https://www.facebook.com/SantaMuerte.DiaDeLosMuertos

I know it's not Dia de los Muertos, but Motown Witch shared this awesome photo of Santa Muerte on her Facebook, and I am so in love with it and wanted to share outside of Pinterest.  I am fascinated by the blending of Dia de lost Muertos and Baron Samedi imagery with Santa Muerte.

If you don't know who Santa Muerte is (I didn't before I looked it up), she is the "Mexican Death Saint" or "Holy Death."  Although she has become associated with the drug cartels, her presence is much older than them - probably a blending of Mesoamerican reverence for death, and Roman Catholic saint imagery.  Santa Muerte is usually depicted as a skeleton, often wearing a robe and holding a globe or scythe.

Hope you all are having a great Saturday!


  1. I absolutely LOVE Santa Muerte... Día de los Muertos speaks volumes to me, and come Samhain I incorporate many of its elements into our celebrations and observances. I have a whole collection of Santa Muerte imagery in a facebook album that I'm constantly adding too! Thanks for linking up to PPBH!


    1. That's so cool that you collect Santa Muerte imagery :) You should check out those Facebook pages I linked to, they have tons of great imagery you'd probably like.


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