Jun 18, 2012

Monday Music Break: Kiva

Wednesday is the Summer Solstice.  How did that arrive so fast?

In honor of the solstice, here's my favorite song by Kiva, "Morning Sun."  It's such a powerful song to celebrate the blessings that the sun bestows upon us daily.

I know, I know - Kiva.  Love 'em or not (personally I love them), they are a mainstay of the pagan music scene, with 20 years of albums and concerts, and a very solid and diverse discography.  I saw their 20th anniversary concert a couple years ago, which was also my introduction to the band.  I was so blown away by the power in their music and the gorgeous blending of harmonies that I fell in love with their music.

Kiva.  Used in the principles of fair use.
Image from kivasong.com

And since Wednesday is the solstice, I'll be sharing my summer solstice chant with you all later in the week :)

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