Apr 8, 2012

Wabbit Season

Godzilla vs. the peeps
More fun than the microwave!
Happy Easter!  I know that as pagans we don't traditionally celebrate Zombie Jesus Day Easter, but I've begun pondering the idea that following the holidays of my long-dead ancestors isn't necessarily the way to go for me.  I like the idea of celebrating the seasons as they occur where I live - like cherry blossom season, and beach season, and the season of marshmallow peeps, chocolate bunnies, and hyacinths.

The chocolate bunny is terrified of the hyacinth.  I can't explain it either.

Also, I'm kind of mildly obsessed with bunnies, so I'm really embracing that aspect of Easter this year.  They're all fluffy, and hoppy, and wiggly-nose-y.  Even though they disapprove of everything.

I am leaving in a few minutes for my parents' house in Philly for Easter dinner with the fam.  Whether you observe Easter religiously or not, or if like me you just celebrate the proliferation of chocolate bunnies, I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

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