Apr 2, 2012

Monday Music Break: Acacia Sears

Today I'm feeling pretty mellow, so I've been listening to Acacia Sears on and off all day.

Acacia Sears.  Used according to the principles of fair use.
Source: acaciasears.com

I got to briefly meet Acacia when she performed at the College Perk's Pagan Band Jam a few years ago, before the Perk closed.  She's rather adorable, and has a lovely, clear voice.  She has a solo album out right now called Dialtones.

Her song "George's Tongue" is available to listen for free on her website.  This song is gorgeous, both lyrically and musically.  However, she's made it very clear  that she cannot take credit for the lyrics; she found them in a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman, and wrote music to them.

From the announcements on her website, it looks like she's recording another album.  I'm not sure if it's another solo album, or an album with her new band.  I'm hoping it will include songs like "Autumn." 


  1. I am off to look her up, her music sounds lovely. Visiting from Flashback Friday :)

  2. Thanks for visiting! I'm glad you like her music, she's so talented :)


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