Apr 1, 2012

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenges

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Here's the mini-challenges I've been working on for Bloggiesta.  I'll keep updating this as I complete them.
Mini-Challenge #1: Sidebar Help...What do you REALLY Need?
I worked on this all yesterday afternoon  I changed that ugly "about me" widget and email link to a new picture with actual text about me.  I also removed the RSS feed widget, and added those square buttons for RSS, Pinterest, and Twitter near the top.  I wanted to add the archive back, but I think I'd rather make a separate page for that so it's easier to navigate.
Mini-Challenge #2: Make some pages!
I wanted it to be easier for people to find my chants when I post them, instead of sifting through entries, so I made a new page for my chants.  It links to the as-yet-unused "chants" tag.  I did the same for my Monday Music Break feature.  Right now I'm not seeing the bar at the top for the "home" and "chants" pages, though.  I'm sure I'll figure this out soon.  Figured it out!  Hurray!

Mini-Challenge #3: Google Forms
I haven't had any luck soliciting suggestions for pagan musicians for the Monday Music Break (my knowledge only extends so far!), so I thougI ht a form that doesn't require publicly commenting might encourage folks to send suggestions that way.  I read through the challenge and instructions for using Google forms, so now I know how to use this platform if I decide to use it.

Mini-Challenge #4: Twitter and Your Blog
I signed up with dlvr.it to automatically post my blog entries to twitter.
Although the challenge recommends having a separate twitter account for your blog, I already have an established (small) group of people that follow me on twitter, and I honestly don't really use twitter much for my personal use anymore.  So my old twitter handle now belongs primarily to my blog :) 

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