Sep 28, 2015

Wedding Photo "Outtakes"

Because we are silly and ridiculous and just all around weirdos, our photographer Tanya got a number of photos of either Jack or I (or both) being silly at each other.

Enjoy our goofiness!

An silly family tradition from my Dad's side.  Every time there's a family get-together, there's at least one photo involving bunny ears.

I have no recollection of what he said, but this sums up so many of our interactions perfectly ;)

How many times a day do I make this face at him?

The wind gusted so hard I almost lost my scarf and parasol!

"Give us a kiss..."

And finally, my favorite outtake from the day...


In case you missed it, you can see my post with my favorite not-silly photos (there's lots of schmoopiness), and read my post about our elopement here.

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