Sep 19, 2015

Our Wedding Photos!

Not long after I woke up today, I realized that today it's been exactly 6 months since Jack and I tied the knot.  Wow!  Happy half-anniversary, my love!!

I never did share our wedding photos on here, so I decided today was an excellent day to share some of my favorites.  Our photographer was my dear friend Tanya Kang, who I've known since college.  You can see more photos from our day over at Tanya's website.

I love how gleeful I look in this photo, and our officiant smiling in the background.  I was fully expecting waterworks because I'm a crybaby, but surprisingly, I didn't cry at all that day.

It was rather chilly that day, so in pretty much all of our photos outside I was wrapped up in a scarf.  It was insufficiently warm, but so much nicer looking than my bulky winter coat!

We found a comic book shop whilewalking through downtown Annapolis.  I squeed over the mini Gojira in the window.  There was also a really cool mock-up of the Infinity Gauntlet

Duckies down at the harbor!  I couldn't stop giggling because I quacked at them and they would quack back.

 Hot chocolate / coffee break at Starbucks to warm up!

I hope you enjoyed these photos!  I'll be posting some of our sillier "outtakes" later on.  And if you're new here or weren't already aware, yes we eloped - it was just us, the Anne Arundel County clerk, and Tanya.  Feel free to pop over to my post from earlier this year to read about our elopement.

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