Jul 17, 2013

Fire spinning show!

One-Eyed Mike spinning fire staff

Blackjack spinning rope dart

flaming hula hoop

Last week I went to watch a local fire-spinning group called Stupid Things with Fire perform over at my favorite haunt, Piratz Tavern.  And as I always do at Tavern, my fellow pirates and I had a great deal of fun hanging out, and eating and drinking delicious things.

big jerk chicken - NOM!

And check out the videos I took during their performance!  This first one is of The Mad Scientist (AKA "Leather Pants" and my favorite satyr-boy) spinning fire staff and Joe (AKA "Other Guy" because, well, he's new and we forgot his name) spinning columnar poi.

And here's part of Thud's performance.  He breathes fire!  It is surely the stupidest thing you can do with fire, but it sure is spectacular.  The heckling you hear in the background is Blackjack and One-Eye doing their Statler & Waldorf routine, with the crowd joining in.

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