Jul 1, 2013

Monday Music Break: Arrowsmith's Fire

Oh sadness.  After today, Google Reader will be shut down for good.  So long, Google Reader - we'll miss you!

Sad Doctor Who
David Tennant is also sad that Google Reader is going away.

Ah well.  On to new and shinier RSS readers, like Feedly!  I do love how pretty it is, and its functionality has improved greatly now that they have so many new users flocking to their service.  What feed reader have you settled on?

So in looking for a pagan musician to feature this week, I poked through the pagan tag on Bandcamp and found a group called In Gowan Ring.  Some of the music has a bit of an experimental vibe to it, but when I read the band's description I instantly resonated with this line: "It shows a man on his journey, incarnating the music of his soul."  I just love that.  It feels just like what real music is all about.

Have a listen to one of their tracks, "Arrowsmith's Fire," which is on their EP titled "The Glinting Spade."

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