Aug 3, 2013

Not Alone

I wrote this chant in 2011 at my then-tradition's annual retreat.  It was given to me by our tradition's tool while I was working alone with it in the Great Circle.  I was so excited and energized I actually ran into the house and asked if anyone had a phone or computer I could record it on.  J was sweet and let me use his phone to make a quick recording of it so I wouldn't forget it later.  And then when I got home I promptly forgot I had even written it.  That's channeling headspace for you.  When I dove back into chant-writing a few months ago I found that rough phone recording, and today I finally decided to record a cleaner version of it for ya'll.

Whoop there it is!

It's a simple little tune, but I really like it for its message of hope from the Goddess.

Not Alone
You are not alone.
You are in my hands.
Hear my words and find your way back. 

Please let me know what you think!

You are free to share my post and use my chants in ritual - and I would love to know that you do!  But please do not record or otherwise reproduce my chants in any other way without permission.


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