Aug 18, 2013

Two Years

My 2-year blogiversary slipped by quietly last Wednesday - I had actually plum forgotten it was coming up.  Since I did not at all plan out what I would do for my blogiversary, I think I will forgo the more celebratory post of my 1st year on this blog, and just say...

Happy 2nd blogiversary to Heartache Into Beauty!

Yes, that bobblehead has been #VandalEyes'd by my father.  Twice, actually.  You can't see it, but underneath the giant googly eyes on the glasses, there are also smaller google eyes underneath the glasses. 

My thoughts of celebrating my blogiversary this year are dampened because I am feeling uncertain of the merits of posting to this blog with the frequency or earnestness I had been over the previous year.  You may have noticed a decrease in posting over the summer.  I'm starting to feel that, after 2 years, my blog is not providing the value to the neopagan community that I wish it were.  I've tried to use it to promote the neopagan music scene, and yet my Monday Music Break posts - what I feel is the meat of my blog - receive the fewest comments and hits.  Honestly, most of my hits are for my more ridiculous posts about things like llamas.

Don't worry - I am not quitting blogging!  Music feeds my soul, and I want to share my love of pagan music with my community.  I also want to share the music I write, however infrequently that happens.  I think I just need to know how to do it in a way that people actually want to read and respond to.

I'd really like your feedback on what I can do to spark your interest in visiting and engaging with me on my blog.  Is there something missing from my MMB and chant posts that you'd like to see?  Are you having trouble listening to the songs?  Is there another facet of the pagan music scene you'd be more interested in, like music reviews or interviews with pagan artists?  Do you prefer my non-musical posts?


  1. I do prefer your non-musical posts, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't write the musical ones. It just means I'm not your target audience. :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Sometimes I wonder if I'm even reach my target audience (music lovers and pagans). It's still good to know what folks think regardless :)

  3. I am not a Pagan so the music is lost on me. The great thing about blogging is we get to share the things that are important to us. So continue to share the music and other things that give you Joy. Maybe you can find some Pagan music enthusiast groups or pagan groups on Facebook and share your posts there to connect more with your target audience.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! I know you're not pagan, but hopefully that doesn't stop you from at least enjoying a song :) And there's a lot of "pagan music" that is pretty secular, and just happens to be sung by pagans.


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