Mar 18, 2013

Monday Music Break: Awakened Soul

breathe in deeply of the sacred all around
The lyrics (c) Sharon Knight & T. Thorn Coyle

I was totally stumped about what to post for today's Monday Music Break, and then my friend reminded me of a chant she really likes called "Awakened Soul" by Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle.  It's from their chant album Songs for the Strengthening Sun.

I first learned this chant the first time I attended Sacred Space, which was 4 years ago I think.  Thorn taught it to us during one of her workshops, using it to wake us up and sync our energies at the beginning of the class.

Given my personal origins with the chant, and the theme "the sacred all around," it seemed very apropos to post this chant in the wake of this year's Sacred Space Conference.


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