Mar 21, 2013

Kicking off Bloggiesta for Spring 2013

Bloggiesta starting line
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It's time for another Bloggiesta!  This next round runs from March 22-24, and I'm excited for another chance to work on my blog and add to my blogging skills!

For those of you who are new, Bloggiesta is a weekend-long blogging party that encourages you to make improvements to your blog, check off items on your blog's to-do list, and otherwise learn new and awesome things about blogging.  It's primarily aimed at book bloggers, but all bloggers are invited. 

Once again my social calendar for this weekend is a bit full, so I'm not going to push myself to do more than I have time for.  Here's my to-do list for Bloggiesta and the immediate future:

  • Create a graphic banner for my Monday Music Break weekly feature
  • Re-record my Brighid chant so that both parts are in one recording, and then schedule a post with the chant and lyrics (I've put this on my Bloggiesta to-do list twice and then not done it.  Third time's the charm?)
  • Schedule a post about where to find me after Google Reader dies
  • Get all of my photos from the last few months off my camera and onto my computer, sorted and edited
  • Look into starting a Facebook page for my blog
  • Participate in at least one of the Bloggiesta Twitter chats

Who else is participating in Bloggiesta?  Leave me a link to your to-do list and I will cheer you on! :) And if you haven't already, you can sign up over at


  1. I hope you have a fun and productive Bloggiesta :) This is my 2nd time participating and I'm excited to get going. I hope to see you around at the mini challenges and on Twitter

  2. Thanks, you too! I'm going to try to make the Friday or Saturday morning Twitter parties, maybe both if I can swing it (and don't sleep in on Saturday :)

  3. Hoping you have a lot of success with your goals. The chanting post sounds really interesting. I will be on the look out for it! Here is my Bloggiesta List

  4. Great list! And it reminds me, I should do some photo editing too...
    I hope you accomplish everything! Good luck and have fun! :)

  5. I am forever behind on getting photos from my camera to my computer...need to do this, too!

    Goo~Kristin @ Always With a Bookd luck with your to-do list!

  6. Thank you! Have fun with your photo editing :)

  7. Thanks! Photo editing really does get left by the wayside, doesn't it?

  8. Thank you! All of the other chants I've posted are in the "Chants" tab above if you're interested in hearing more of that sort of thing.

  9. I really want to create banners for my meme posts but don't know how to do it :( Do you know what settings you need to change the profile pics on Disqus? When I trialled Disqus, it used my profile pic on ALL the comments :(

    My Bloggiesta Goals

    Have a great Bloggigesta weekend!

  10. You should definitely start a FB for your blog, even if you don't use it yet. Reserve it before someone else does!

    Here is my Bloggiesta To Do List!

  11. I agree with Love at First Book about FB. I have a completely different set of followers there and get a lot of referrals from my posts that I share on FB.

    I hope you check out my Bloggiesta To Do List or join my mini-challenge about getting involved!

  12. If you log in to your Disqus dashboard and "edit settings", and then click on the "Avatar" tab on the left, you can change which photo to use for your Disqus comments.

  13. Thanks for the encouragement! I decided after I posted my to-do list to just go ahead and make my Facebook page and syndicate my blog to it. I already have 11 followers!

  14. Plus one more from Love at First Book (aka, me!)

  15. Thanks for the advice! After I posted my to-do list I decided to just make the Facebook page and invite a bunch of friends who would be interested in my blog. I would love to get a different set of followers from FB - the people who would read my blog are much more active there than on Blogger.

  16. No I meant that, say you commented on my blog, your profile pic won't show but rather my profile pic. So all my comments have my profile pic :(

  17. Oh, sorry for misunderstanding. That is definitely weird. I wish I could help you, but I have no idea what could cause something like that. Maybe the Disqus development team has a solution.


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