Mar 24, 2013

Bloggiesta Spring 2013: Wrap-up

bloggiesta finish line

Well, Bloggiesta officially finishes up tonight.  I didn't complete all of my goals, because my social calendar got very busy and real life is more important than the internet :)  I still had a lot of fun and definitely added to my blogging tool kit.  Here's how I did!
  • Create a graphic banner for my Monday Music Break weekly feature - It didn't happen, but I'd like to do this soon.
  • Re-record my Brighid chant so that both parts are in one recording, and then schedule a post with the chant and lyrics  - and....still didn't happen.  I'm giving myself until the end of the month to do this, but I may just give up the ghost on this one and post both parts as separate files.
  • Schedule a post about where to find me after Google Reader dies - done!  Look for my post on Friday morning.
  • Get all of my photos from the last few months off my camera and onto my computer, sorted and edited - mostly done.  The photos are off my camera and sorted into folders.  I think I will leave editing to when I actually use them in my blog, etc.
  • Look into starting a Facebook page for my blog - done!  My new Facebook page is here, please "like" it, and feel free to share it with any of your friends who may also enjoy reading my blog!
  • Participate in at least one of the Bloggiesta Twitter chats - I took part in Saturday morning's twitter chat and learned a whole lot :)  I also gained a few new twitter followers and followed some cool new people in return. 
I also participated in the Promoting Your Blog on Facebook mini-challenge hosted by Liza of Sockets and Lightbulbs.  This challenge was from a previous Bloggiesta, so I did it purely for learning's sake. 

How did you do in completing your Bloggiesta goals?  Did you have fun?


  1. I just liked your fb page. Great job getting stuff done. I didn't finish all my goals either, but that's ok we got time to finish them. =)

  2. Real life is more important??? ;) How dare you say that, ha ha. You accomplished a lot, way to go!

  3. Thanks for liking my Facebook page! We've definitely got plenty of time to work on them, Bloggiesta is just a good excuse to work on them :)

  4. You accomplished a had many complex goals, so doing some of them is impressive. Thanks for stopping by my blog.! I "liked" your FB page.

  5. Thanks for your comment, and for liking my Facebook page! It's funny, I feel like I didn't accomplish all that much, but you're right, most of these weren't cut-and-dry tasks and they took some time.


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