Jan 4, 2013

Remember, the Minions Love You

It seems I've come down with the nasty cold/flu thing that's going around lately, and I'm feeling pretty cruddy. So, in lieu of real content I bring you some awesome things I've found on Pinterest lately! I guess we'll make this sort of like a Five on Friday.

Source: daystyledesigns.com via Stormy Heart on Pinterest
Hot Cast Goddess Quilt. Oooo. The fire and the roots are within you!

I am completely in love with the neopagan and fantasy art by Elena Dudina.

Jack Harkness meets sexy lady. If someone can find out where I can buy this coat, I will love you forever.

Source: piccsy.com via Stormy Heart on Pinterest

Pretty much like that, yep.

And finally...
D'awww, you have to love the minions. So adorable. Ba-na-naaaaah, po-ta-tooooooh naaaah!

Happy pinning! :)


  1. Rich found the coat. Sadly, it's wicked expensive. http://www.flannelsfashion.com/products/details/i/26222-c2bkk/n/jersey-asymmetric-button-trench.aspx

  2. Holy crap, that's almost $1000! And it's mostly polyester and nylon, which makes me wonder what makes it so ridiculously expensive to begin with.

  3. Love the coat! Love the record meme too! Thanks for linking up to PPBH!

  4. That coat is totally fab, right?


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