Jan 21, 2013

Monday Music Break: Shores of Avalon

Hi folks.  I apologize for the radio silence lately, but things have been really rough for me over the last few weeks.  Among other things, my family has been dealing with the loss of my Grandmom.

Last week my 92-year-old Grandmom, Alma Beaty, was moved into hospice care, and was refusing food and liquids.  Her health deteriorated quickly after that, and she passed away on Friday morning.  She had dementia for many years (over a decade, I think), and was nearly blind and deaf.  My Dad said she never really recovered from the surgery she had to repair a broken femur a couple months ago, which I guess was just too much for her body to handle on top of everything else.

I wasn't really close to Grandmom, due to living far away and having difficulty connecting to her through her dementia.  But I am still sad that she died.  At the same time, my parents and I have taken comfort in the fact that she is finally released her from all the pain, suffering, and confusion.
Here's a photo of the last time I saw her, on Mother's Day last year.  That's my Dad on the left, me, Grandmom, and my Aunt Kathy.  I think my Mom was taking the photo.

I wanted to dedicate today's Monday Music Break to my Grandmom, and to everyone who has lost someone lately.  It is a sad but very beautiful song by Tina Malia called "Shores of Avalon," about how we'll all meet our loved ones again in the Summerland.

Peace on, Grandmom. 


  1. I went through much of the same. My grandmother suffered from alshymers for more than a decade, probably closer to two. I like to remember her the way she was, not the shell ended up being. So I totally understand, and send sympathy for your loss. Thank you linking up to PPBH.

  2. Thanks for your kind thoughts. I too like to think of her the way she was when I was a kid - full of stories and love for her family.


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