May 28, 2012

Of Fallen Warriors and Pentacles

Memorial Day strikes me as an interesting tie-in to ancestor work, as it honors our ancestors who have served in the military and passed.  So on this Memorial Day I honor my great-great-grandfather, who served in WW1 as a motorcycle messenger on the front lines.

So in honor of our pagan ancestors who have served, I'm sharing Celia's song "Symbol" about the pentacle quest.  (For those who may not know about the pentacle quest, it was a 10-year legal struggle, championed by 2 widows of pagan soldiers, to get the U.S. government to add the pentacle as one of the approved symbols for fallen soldiers' gravestones, memorial plaques, etc.  The symbol was finally approved in 2007.)

Memorial placard for Patrick Dana Stewart 

Hail to the ancestors.

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