May 11, 2012

Fueling the creative fire

I recently pinned this fantastic list of 29 ways to stay creative.  Most of them are pretty simple, but effective.  And this music blogger would like to point out #9, listen to new music.  Right on!  I listen to music all the time, and I feel like it fuels my creativity.

29 ways to stay creative
I got the list from here:

What are the ways that you fuel your creativity?  Are there any that aren't on this list?


  1. lately, i've been feeling a LOT more creative- lots of ideas flowing. i think it's just a product of not trying to hold everything together so tightly, and letting life unravel. you know? i'm also a big fan of #2 :)

    1. You know, I didn't realize until you said it - I've been letting parts of my life be more out-of-control lately, and it definitely seems to be helping with creativity.

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. This is great advice :)

    xo Jennifer


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