Aug 14, 2011

Would you light my candle?

It's been a very rainy weekend here in Maryland. It's been downpouring on and off all morning. We certainly need it, though, because it's been a pretty dry summer. I'm sure the earth and its flora are rejoicing at the much-needed moisture. I don't mind the rain much, though. Something about the sound of rain falling lends itself to a quiet, reflective morning spent with a cuppa tea. Or two.

Goddess Tarot - 7 of Cups 
Last night was a full moon. I wasn't able to return to Philly for my coven's full moon ritual, so I used elements from the ritual to do something for myself for the full moon. I lit the candle dedicated to light goddess I work with, and read the Charge of the Goddess aloud to myself. I chose Starhawk's version because I tend to jibe with her way of wording things, and also for its use of vernacular English (no thee's and thou's). Then I pulled a card from the Goddess Tarot, which was a gift from one of my coven-mates. The card I pulled was the 7 of cups. I reflected on the image and got the impression that whatever progress I make in my personal work right now, there will also be darkness or sacrifices of some kind.

I left the candle burning until I went to sleep, and I decided to light it again this morning.

Candles have become really important to me in dealing with depression. Candles represent a light in the dark, the spark of the god's love and light that resides within us all. Even in my darkest times I've felt that spark within me, and held onto it with all my might, even when I was unable to breathe any more life into that spark. I burn candles to remind me of that spark. I also burn candles as a form of magick, to create more light within me. I usually like to light my Yule candle or my light goddess candle for this purpose, especially when I'm feeling particularly down.

candle flame 
Image by David NiBlack / Creative Commons Attribution License

Ah look - it seems the storm has passed, and the sunlight is returning to my little patch of the world. But first, maybe I'll have one more cuppa...

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