Jul 11, 2012

Another 30 before 31 update

It's been a few months, and I've knocked a few more things off my 30 before 31 list.  So, I guess that means it's time for another update!

#6 Get a new primary care physician 
#7 Get a rheumatologist

#8 Get back on migraine meds

After months of hemming and hawing, I finally booked an appointment with a new doc for today.  She's really nice (as are her staff), and everything was very efficient.  Bonus - she's right down the street from my house.  The best part was the lack of waiting - I didn't have to wait months for an appointment, and I barely had to wait to see the doctor (at my last doc, I would typically wait 2-3 hours, even with an appointment.  It was ridiculous and disrespectful of my time.)  New doc and I had a chat about my migraines, and she agreed to put me back on Topomax and fiorocet, with a promise that we would revisit if the fiorocet didn't do its job on my emergent headaches. She also tsk-tsk'd that I didn't have a neurologist.

She also asked if I had a rheumatologist, which I don't.  I put #7 on my list since I thought it would be helpful, but after chatting with the new doctor and thinking about it, I think I'm not going to pursue it for now.  There wasn't much my last rheumatologist could do, other than prescribe drugs that didn't work and repeat the same old nonsense about exercise.

stretchy guinea pig
And one, and two, and streeeetch!

#17 Look into acupuncture
I found out my health insurance covers it now.  Score!  Now to find an acupuncturist who is in my network.

#27 Grow my hair long again
Well, it's growing.  Slowly.  Right now it's down to about the bottom of my shoulder blades.

#29 Start an indoor herb garden
I got a kit for Christmas, and planted it a couple of months ago.  So technically, I started the garden and completed this goal.  Unfortunately I think my talent for killing plants has struck again.  It's looking very, very sad.  The thyme and rosemary are already dead, and the basil is not too far off.  The parsley is doing okay, but I'm not holding out much hope for the long run.

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