Jul 20, 2015

Witchy Pinterest Finds

In trying to find inspiration for my blog last night, I started scrolling through my Pinterest feed.  It gave me a thought - why not post some of my favorite witchy finds over on Pinterest?  (If you aren't already, you  are welcome to follow me on Pinterest here.)

If you like this post please let me know, and I will write more posts like these!

This beautiful sea-witchy necklace made of sea glass set on a curvy wire makes my inner magpie go all a-glow.  I feel like I could wear this to channel Mama Cocha.

Pinned by Stormy Heart // Originally found on CustomMade.com

"Spirit of the Lake" wand, which appears to be made from fishing net, crystals, driftwood, and deer antlers.  Be still my witchy little heart.

Pinned by Stormy Heart // Originally found at BDCrystals Creations on Etsy

Here's a fantastic statue of a raven perched on a skull.  It's not marketed as such, but it screams of The Morrigan to me.  I'm not normally one for statues of my gods, but man do I want this one!

Pinned by Stormy Heart // Originally found at isisbooks.com
Here's a delightful, utterly ethereal image of an air elemental.  I think I could just float away while meditating on this image.

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