Dec 29, 2011

30 before 31

I've been inpsired by a number of bloggers this year who came up with goal lists for the upcoming year - sort of like New Year's resolutions, but based around goals to finish before your birthday instead.  I liked Elizabeth's post about coming up with a 25 before 26 goal list (she also posted a 23 before 24 list a couple of years ago), and Jen's 30 by 30 list.  I just turned 30 earlier this month (ACK!  Sorry, I'm still not quite over the shock of that one yet).  I thought it would be a great idea to start off my 30s on a positive note by creating my own list of goals to finish before I turn 31 - they're meant to be easy to accomplish in the space of a year, though some are more serious and life-impacting than others.

So here it is - my 30 before 31 list!

  1. Make my blog more awesome and increase readership - Always working on this! :)  I moved to a better blogging platform, started a weekly feature to share pagan music, and I've now found a focus for my blog that most inspires me.  I also participated in Bloggiesta in March, which was super helpful.
  2. Get my 1st degree initiation - as it turns out, I was denied initiation and I was released from my coven as of March 24.  I'm still regrouping from that.
  3. Clean out my old room at my parents’ house - I made a big dent the last time I went home!
  4. Get a tattoo to commemorate finishing my 1st degree of the mark given to me by Gwynn Ap Nudd
  5. Take a real vacation with Jack (even if it’s only a weekend getaway)
  6. Get a new primary care physician - I had an appointment on 7/11.
  7. Get a rheumatologist
  8. Get back on migraine meds
  9. Talk to a doctor about getting on anxiety meds
  10. Take at least one creative writing class
  11. Break into freelance writing and/or editing
  12. Create a kick-ass writing portfolio
  13. Get a better, more fulfilling job
  14. Meet Jack’s parents
  15. Sell/donate more of my unwanted books, clothes, etc.
  16. Finish my British Columbia scrapbook
  17. Look into acupuncture - I found out my health insurance covers it now.  Score! 
  18. Get my college diploma framed
  19. Visit Gettysburg again
  20. Visit a museum that I’ve never visited before
  21. Organize a reunion for high school classmates in the DC area
  22. Sit down to cross-stitch once a week
  23. Learn a new craft
  24. Cook Thai-style chicken curry from scratch
  25. Get back into yoga
  26. Learn how to use my new camera to take better photos
  27. Grow my hair long again - well, it's growing.  Slowly.
  28. Learn new hairstyles for said long hair (other than braided or in a ponytail)
  29. Start an indoor herb garden - I have a kit and planted it a couple of months ago.  Unfortunately it's looking pretty sad, I don't think there will be many plants that mature.
  30. Go on a photoshoot in the park with Sha-na-na

Have you come up with a similar list?  Post it in the comments!

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  1. You are going to be very busy! I love the one about your parents house... I was two steps out the door before that happened haha They made sure of it =D

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa


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