Mar 27, 2015

Chapel of Love

Last week, Jack and I finally tied the knot!!  SQUEE!

We kept it simple and private, and it was totally perfect for us.  On Thursday, we drove to Annapolis, all dressed up, marriage license and rings in hand, and said our vows in front of the Anne Arundel County clerk.  It was just us, the super-sweet clerk (whose name we totally forgot to ask in our excitement), and our awesome photographer Tanya Kang.

As a side note, I was super pleased that Tanya was able to photograph our day.  Not only have she and I been good friends (and sometimes roommates) since college, and not only has she known Jack since he and I started dating back in 2007 - she is really talented as a photographer :)

Saying my vows was totally surreal - like, how is this finally happening?  Is this even real?  It didn't really sink in until the next night that it really happened. 

After the ceremony, Jack, Tanya, and I traipsed about downtown Annapolis taking photographs.  It was rather chilly, so near the end of our photo session we stopped in to Starbucks for lattes and hot chocolate.  We posed for some casual photos, but mostly we had a nice relaxing break and finally had a chance to catch up with each others' lives.  (We should be getting the photos back from Tanya some time next month - I'm so excited to see them and share them with our loved ones!)

That night, Jack and I celebrated with dinner at Thai at Silver Spring, where we had our first date and where we still often go to for dinner.  It was a sweet, romantic night, but more importantly, after such a surreal afternoon - it felt like us.  Best wedding night a girl could ask for.

After knowing each other for more than 7 years and being together for most of that time, I am so thrilled to be married to the person who has always been in my heart through thick and thin, and who knows me better than anyone else.

And who's just as weird as me :)

Jack & Colleen - ogres 4 life!

Weirdos 4 life!

Mar 11, 2015

Some fantastic new music to delight your ears

First off, I logged on to Blogger this evening and saw that my blog now has over 20,000 page views!  Whuuut.  I still remember when 1,000 page views felt like a massive achievement.

So lately I've been coming across all sorts of fantastic new music - some witchy, some not - and I wanted to share the musical love.  So for your listening pleasure, here's a few of my favorites:

Sharron Kraus has a new album coming out soon called Friends and Enemies; Lovers and Strangers.  This album is based on the Mabinogion, and the song posted as a preview, "Blodeuwedd," is simply gorgeous.  Her voice reminds me a little of 70s folks singers like Joni Mitchell.  As a child of Rhiannon, I am super excited about this project (and so is Rhiannon)!

Ibeyi just released their debut, self-titled album, and from what I've heard so far, oh man, it is SO GOOD.  Some of their songs like "Oya" invoke the Orishas.

Chantilly released a new song called "Lovely" on her Tumblr.  It's got such a fun, jaunty disco beat.

And finally, take a listen to "Worker Bee" by Philadelphia blues-rock artist - and my old grade school classmate - Jason Ager.  That tuba!!  I went to school with some seriously talented people, ya'll.  (If you like the song you can download it for free from Philly Free Song Friday - click the down arrow button on the widget below).

What do you think of these songs?  Have any other new music (witchy or otherwise) that you'd recommend?  Let me know in the comments!

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